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Digital In Physical Stores

2 June 2016 | טכנולוגיה ודיגיטל

As we all know today online shopping is the easy and comfortable way do to shopping. Yet shoppers rather make their purchases in physical store. 91% of the shoppers research products online, then purchase in-store according to Reality of Retail Report (April 2016).

According to PwC's annual consumer survey, 40% of consumers make their purchases in physical store at least once a week , compared to just 27% that do the same online.

Although this data, it is important to remember that in era that mostly everything is digital, retailers need to adapt the novelty and the digital tools that will enhance the shopping experience and bring customers real value.


Can Digital and Physical stores Co-Exist?

Physical stores and digital marketplaces "complement each other at least as much as they compete", according to eMarketer's report. For example:  84% said that they enjoy the efficiency of digital shopping combined with the touch and feel of the retail store experience.

This digital era forcing the retailer's to use all their resources and be more sophisticated, imaginative so that way they will attract more and more customers.  Also to integrate their physical, virtual and mobile selling channels.


What do the customers want?

Customers have become used to the power of the internet and expect the same "power" in-store.

But customers want more than just digital in-store. Customers want to be able to control their shopping experience just like they do online. And they are also looking for in-store experiences to be increasingly personalized.

In order to keep consumers coming back to your store you must become more adjusted to the digital age.

Instituting digital strategies into the in-store experience is not just nice-to-have it can bring the customers the ease, convenience and personalization of online to the physical stores and empower their shopping experience.


By Ofer Gal , May 15, 2016

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